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Inquiries on quotation
Fax or send via e-mail after having written down the issues needed for quotation including product name, quantity, rental period, address for delivery/return and personnel in charge
Submission of quotation
Fill up the quotation form for the details of inquiries on quotation / forward (FAX or E-Mail)
Rental application
Confirm and apply for rental after having confirmed the quotation (fill in the Rental application form)
Rental contract
Pay security deposit or submit surety insurance after having executed the contract
Confirmation of warehousing
Conform the warehousing of palette
Commencement of rental
Return of the rental
Apply for return 1~2 prior to the date of return / Load the product after the warehousing of the vehicle
Testing and inspecting
Termination of rental
Issue receipt by reflecting the results of testing and inspection / Final settlement of the accounts
Download the application form

Rental/Lease items

  • 규격 1100 X 1100 X 150
    중량 19kg
    Type 핸드카겸용/일체형/4방차입
  • 규격 1200 X 1000 X 150
    중량 19kg
    Type 핸드카겸용/일체형/4방차입
  • 규격 1100 X 1100 X 150
    중량 26kg
    Type 지게차전용/일체형/4방차입
  • 규격 1200 X 1100 X 140
    중량 27kg
    Type 지게차전용/융착형/4방차입
  • 규격 1300 X 1100 X 150
    중량 24kg
    Type 지게차 겸용/일체형/4방차입
  • 규격 1440 X 1130 X 150
    중량 35kg
    Type 지게차전용/융착형/4방차입
  • 규격 1500 X 1500 X 150
    중량 33.2kg
    Type 지게차 겸용/융착형/4방차입
  • 규격 1100 X 1100 X 150
    중량 17kg
    Type 지게차전용/일체형/4방차입
  • 규격 1100 X 1100 X 150
    중량 30kg
    Type 지게차전용/융착형/4방차입
  • 규격 1100 X 1100 X 140
    중량 25kg
    Type 지게차전용/쉘라형/4방차입